Situation and client profile

Why is this important?

Public holiday entitlements on public holidays are complex. This complexity is compounded when considering holidays in different states and metro vs. regional holidays.

Why did the client commence the review?

A preliminary review suggested that certain rostered employees across the client’s Australian operations had leave incorrectly deducted on public holidays.


  • +$5bn revenue
  • + 5,000 employees reviewed
  • + 5 EBAs/Awards
  • 3 sites/ 3 states

Prince – role and approach

Prince Consulting managed the:

Data analysis, policy, and systems

  • Analysis of data for approx. 5,000 employees
  • Application of 11 policies that overlayed the
    data to confirm the impact
  • Interim solution followed by system changes that were implemented to remediate issue

Regulator disclosure

  • Self disclosure communications to regulator & external stakeholders

Employee communication & payment

  • Employee communications
  • Call centre setup to answer employee queries
  • Payments to employees

Delivered Outcomes

+ 25,000

Employee records analysed

+ 4,500

Emails, phone calls, and letters sent to impacted employees

+ 863

Public holidays reviewed

+ 11

Policies and assumptions developed and approved by Client and Legal Team

+ 7

Leave types impacted

+ 6 months

From discovery to remediation