Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

Henry Ford

We build trusted partnerships with organisations and their people to deliver strong, pragmatic and innovative end-to-end solutions.

We specialise in managing end to end outcomes that commence with initial discovery through to final payment and ongoing compliance.

Reviewing an organisations’ historic remuneration and payments may be initiated by individual or systemic failures identified by management, responses to audit findings or externally initiated by regulators.

Remuneration and payroll outcomes are underpinned by the fundamentals of record keeping. The concept of four-way matching is critical to ensure accurate payroll outcomes. This encompasses rosters, time and attendance, employees contracts and classifications, and payroll.

Pay-rule modelling is the process of using employee time and attendance records, and legally validated pay-rules to compare against actual records to understand any variations, under payments, over payments or timing variances.

Payroll compliance is largely a data driven exercise. Most organisations need to grapple with millions of records to perform a detailed payroll assessment. Prince Consulting and our partners leverage advanced data engines and analytics to deliver efficient, reliable and meaningful outcomes.

We offer continuous compliance models that effectively review and report on any under or over payments on a real time basis. These models ensure errors are identified and fixed at the source, before they become ongoing systemic issues.

Our focus on future state optimisation extends across all areas, including simplified payroll cycles, standardised contracts, consistent classifications and integration across systems.

A structured approach to upskilling stakeholders in the management, orchestration and ongoing compliance of workforce remuneration, and adherence to best practice.


We have done this. We have worked with organisations to identify, qualify and remediate Workforce compliance issues. Our people are passionate and spirited about delivering tangible results for clients.

Data-driven and innovative approach

We work with Preferred Partners and specialist payroll analytics tools to source, cleanse and ingest data from various systems for analysis against pre-defined criteria. We are also experienced in guiding our clients where no or partial data is available.

and diversity

Our team specialises in the identification, quantification and remediation of employee underpayments. We bring together experts across data analytics, legal, risk and workplace relations to provide a truly holistic service.